Dr. Floyd Atkins


An Ounce of Prevention Series

Transforming Our Approach to Health

How many times have we heard news and statistics about the increasing rate of illness and disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, arthritis and so on? News reports appear on television and radio daily about “new treatments” to reduce or eliminate symptoms. Billions of dollars are raised and spent on finding the cure for cancer, diabetes and the many other chronic ailments that plague us. Meanwhile, the rates of all these conditions have steadily increase over the last 50 years and still no “cures” has been found.

Since medical research seems unable to find no cures for our most serious conditions, the “Plan B” solution in healthcare has become “early detection” as if it were the answer to health challenges. This concept has credence, but waiting for or allowing a problem such as cancer to develop and then, to attempt to “catch it early” is not the most desirable goal. Although our efforts to stem the tide of disease are made with the best of intentions, our approach is all wrong!

Prevention is the answer! The true “cure” for all “dis-ease” is not to get it. I am sure this sounds over-simplified, but let’s look at our healthcare history so we can understand our future in wellness.

The foundation of our current healthcare system is built upon the concept of the ER (emergency room), which is essential for saving lives in critical situations. The emergency room’s original purpose was to address trauma or physical injuries to our bodies, mainly secondary to accidents. But today, it has become the catch–all for almost of our health needs, major and minor. We have subtlely programmed ourselves not even think about our own health unless an emergency arises! Should you wait until your car stops on the side of the road to consider taking it in for maintenance? Would you wait to have a flat tire then check your tire for air pressure? Most people know more about their finances, stocks and FICA score than they do about their triglycerides, kidney or immune function.

Our approach to healthcare should be about prevention first. It sounds so common sense, but most people do not know what prevention truly is. Many think that getting regular exercise and eating 5 to 9 fruit and vegetables daily is prevention. Prevention in the primary medical sense means “to avoid the development of dis-ease” and secondarily, “to stop the progression of a disease before symptoms arise.” PREVENTION IS THE CURE TO DIS-EASE! Prevention is neither practiced nor promoted because we lack knowledge about ourselves, overlook wisdom in the way we live.

I want to share with you “FIVE PEARLS OF PREVENTION”. I consider these to be the 5 most important changes you can make to prevent disease and reverse illness. It only takes an ounce of prevention to effect a pound of cure. By incorporating these changes into your daily lifestyle you are changing your approach to how you manage your health.



  1. BUILD YOUR IMMUNITY – Our immune system is a complex network of tissues, organs, cells, and chemicals, protects the body from infection and illness. By investing in your immunity first, you insure your future health and guard your life at minimum cost. SOLUTIONS: The best approach is to jumpstart the process with nutritional supplementation of powerful antioxidants(A,C,E; CoQ10; grape seed extract), immune stimulants(olive leaf extract; cordyceps; tumeric) and trace minerals(alkalizers).

  2. CLEANSE AND DETOXIFY – Most degenerative conditions have their origin in the malfunction of the digestive processes. Toxicity in our environment at an all-time high and we must be sure that our bodies are as capable as possible at dealing with all of the chemicals we come in contact with. The better our bodies are able to process and eliminate the various toxins we accumulate, the better our bodies will function, and the stronger and more resistant to disease we will be.  SOLUTIONS: A simple 3, 5 or 7 day juice or liquid fast(vegetable puree) is an ideal beginning cleanse. THEN, an herbal detoxification regimen to remove toxins will reduce blood pressure and body fat, lower cholesterol, and increase energy and mental alertness. Detoxification and cleansing is not a one-time event and must be performed regularly

  3. GO BACK TO THE GARDEN – “Let food be thy medicine.” The most important decision you make each and every day of your life is what you pick up with your hand and put into your mouth! We must commit to eating whole food (unprocessed), chemical-free and nutritionally balanced. You are what you eat! SOLUTIONS: You must eat a high alkaline diet (raw vegetables, low sugar fruits and raw nuts) vs. an acidic diet (meat, potatoes and processed foods). Also, food combining is another important factor in proper digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients.

  4. MOVE YOUR BODY – Exercise strengthens the entire body and mind. It stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system, and it builds the muscles, the glands, the lungs, the heart and the brain. SOLUTIONS: The goal is to accomplish 45 minutes to 1 hour of cardiovascular activity with a complement of resistance training 4 to 5 days weekly. This regimen will burn body fat and increase muscle mass.

  5. UNDRESS FROM STRESS – Stress is a modern day evil that affects our physical health in many negative ways. It affects every cell and tissue in the human body, breaking down the immune system as well as all of the major organs. It robs the body of important vitamins and minerals by hindering proper digestion, absorption and elimination.

SOLUTIONS: Incorporate stress reduction measures in your daily activity. This can include activity such as: meditation, prayer/devotional time, yoga, power naps, walking or other activities that have the effects of reducing blood pressure and diminishing sensory input (external stimulation).

Prevention health requires individual effort, self-discipline and personal responsibility and is our best investment, in time as well as money, because once you fall ill, it takes much more time and money to acquire vibrant health again.





There are situations and circumstances where we would surely find it inexcusable not to have an “Emergency Plan”. We have organized emergency plans for our household and family, for our workplace and school and even for evacuation in case of a natural disaster, i.e., hurricanes. It would be negligent and possibly criminal if a public building did not have fire extinguishers readily available “in case of emergency”. The greatest example of an emergency plan is our hospital system whose foundation is based on the ER (Emergency Room).

But consider this…have you ever contemplated having a Prevention Plan for your health and life? A plan that would include preparations for foreseen and unforeseen circumstances likely to occur during 21st century living. We need a preemptive plan that allows us to be in control of what goes into our body and onto our body. Create a plan that would prevent ingestion of pesticides, preservatives and a host of other toxins. Drink only fluids that would alkalinize or enhance my immune function as well as hydrate my tissues and organs. Practice relaxation techniques that reduce stress and support my ability management stressful situations.

Am I completely self-sufficient when I leave my home environment, i.e., this is not to be pessimistic about the future or to expect tragedy at every turn, but to set lifestyle protocols to avoid as well as deter challenges to your health.

You ask, “Why do I need a prevention plan?”

Just look at the statistics:

  • Diabetes is epidemic and prediabetes or Metabolic Syndrome encompasses a minimum of 75% of the US population …WHY?

  • Obesity in America is a modern day plague as it complications are responsible the three leading causes of death …WHY?

  • Statin drugs are the number one prescribed medication in America …WHY?

  • Cancer in the US has been a steady increase since the 1970’s …WHY?

  • An estimated 75 – 90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress related problems.

This data is not a coincidence, but a result; a result of a lifestyle without a prevention plan.



A Prevention Plan must comprise five key component: 1) eliminating processed foods and eating organic, 2) a regular detox/cleanse program, 3) customized nutritional supplementation with emphasis on immunity, 4) consistent exercise and sleep schedule and 5) effective stress management and relaxation techniques.

KEY ONE. The first key to prevention is to eliminate processed foods. This means if you did not pick it off a tree or harvest it from the ground, do not put it in your body. Foods packaged in plastics, cans and boxes usually contain preservatives, artificial flavors, sweeteners and colors, excess sugar and salt, synthetic nutrients and are devoid of enzymes, phytochemicals or balanced vitamins and minerals.

Eating organic means eliminating pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics, chemical toxins (i.e., chlorine, heavy metals, phthalates), and genetically modified foods (GMO) from our diet.

KEY TWO: Detoxification means just that…to expel the toxins from the cells and organs of our body. This can improve energy level, poor memory and allergy symptoms. Cleansing refers to cleaning our digestive organs to allow for proper digestion, assimilation, absorption and elimination of food. This can help correct excessive gas and body odor, bloating, constipation, sugar cravings, skin conditions and yeast infections.

KEY THREE: Most people take the “shotgun” approach to supplementation, which means taking mega- and multi- supplement products in hope they will cover any and all deficiencies. An optimal plan is to identify your specific deficiencies and weaknesses, then build a regimen around that information with aid of a knowledgeable nutritional professional.

KEY FOUR: Regular exercise can help regulate blood pressure and blood sugar, raise good cholesterol, decrease osteoporosis, lower stress, improves circulation and mood (depression). Also Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, water exercises, rebounder and walking are other excellent options to prevent disease.

Sleep is vital for repairing, rebuilding and restoring the body. Strive to retire before midnight and get a minimum of 7 hours nightly. This will strengthen and repairs our immune system which is the foundation of optimal health.

KEY FIVE: Prolonged or chronic stress can have a negative affect on the immunity. A weakened immune system is the doorway to disease. To effectively manage stress follow KEYS ONE - FOUR

We cannot continue to row our boats gently down the stream and not preparing for life’s challenges that we see happening daily.

Emergency Plans prepare us for unexpected incidents and accidents, but a Prevention Plan prepares us for we “know” to expect.